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Concerts / Shows

Apex Music has all the right equipment to make a band sound their best or to fill an auditorium for a live performance. Whether it's indoors or out, we've got what it takes to make your concert or show a fun and memorable experience.

Recommended Concert / Show Packages:
Sound Technicians

The sound technicians and engineers at Apex Music are very educated in setting up and operating equipment. You can hire one of our knowledgable technicians ensure that your show runs smoothly smoothly.

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Delivery and Pick-up

Don't have a truck, van, or means of transporting your rented equipment? Apex Music also offers delivery and pick-up services.

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Equipment Setup

The Apex Music staff can also can not only deliver your equipment, but also set it up for you to ensure that everything is used and positioned the proper way. Set up arrangments can be made durning the rental process

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