This used to be known as the "Mile of Guitars", says Steven Olsher. I've just happened in on his big red-and-yellow place, Apex Music (6210 El Cajon Bl). We're at 62nd Street. Looking for the first Jack in the Box. Was supposed to have opened around here in 1951, when ECB was Highway 80, the old road to the East Coast. Instead I discover Steven, sitting cross-legged on his concrete floor, trying to squeeze some lights and cables into a bag. He's got long wavy brown hair that he says he cuts off every few years to make wigs for cancer patients. This end of the boulevard's got good music pedigree, he says. My family's been in the music business since 1952. Dad set up the equipment for the Beatles at Balboa Stadium. Pointless, of course. All you heard was screaming. Now he's leading me through what looks like a total shambles of Vox amps, Peavey speakers, guitars, cellos, and cables, wires, drum kits from the 50s, keyboards. I've been here 43 years. I'm a service engineer. I repurpose everything,he says, and [set up sound systems] from Bach to rock, and back. Do a lot of concerts. I'm 25 steps from the guy who's 20 steps from the star. But why have his business here? This part of El Cajon Boulevard is like the Music Quarter. There's a resurgence of nightlife up here. Prices are more affordable. Like, in my practice studios here I charge $5 to $7 per hour. Wow. Even I could just about afford that.